Measuring success

Working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, JCT has introduced monthly growth monitoring of the children in its care. Measuring height and weight is a simple indicator of a child’s health status. Where children are under weight for two months or more, they are referred to the local hospital for further treatment.

To ensure the correct measurement and recording of results, JCT has been working with the Department of Health to train care givers in all its Childhood Development Centres.

Early results from the growth monitoring indicate the success of its feeding programme, with 80% of the children in its care now free from malnourishment-related diseases. Even the children affected by HIV/Aids are showing positive health improvements.

Ensuring the basics – that the children are nourished and healthy – is foundational for the success of JCT’s early years childhood development programme. It is your giving that has had such a positive effect on the life-chances of so many children. Thank you!