Our Story

Emlyn John & Pastor Michael Thomas

JCT was borne out of the humbling experience of a few days spent with some orphaned children in rural Malawi, while travelling through Africa, as a young man, in 2000.

Invited by Pastor Michael Thomas to a see a rural village community near his home, I witnessed first-hand the true happiness of children playing. Many had no parents, homes, food, medical care, or education. Most were the main carers of their siblings and ‘heads’ of their households, despite being aged nine and younger. Some were also suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The trauma this small group of children must have endured at such an early age is enough to fill some of our lifetimes, yet, they had happy smiles on their faces. I was profoundly moved by the sights and sounds of those few days and have been ever since.

It is my sincere hope that the work carried out through this foundation will enable all the orphans of rural Malawi to live like children once again, and enjoy long, fulfilled, self-determining lives. 

Emlyn John
Co-founder, JCT