Water is life

Water-borne diseases, like Cholera and diarrhoea – the second leading cause of death among children under five, worldwide – are rife in countries like Malawi, where water is often drawn from unprotected, shallow wells.

Alongside providing better nutrition through its feeding programmes, JCT is committed to providing clean water and better sanitation to enhance the life chances of the communities it supports. The boreholes are constructed by the communities themselves but, to expand the programme to more centres, we need to raise funds for pumping equipment and tools.

Relatively cheap and simple to create, boreholes are life-changing for these remote, rural communities. Attended by the traditional chiefs and representatives of the district authorities, there were celebrations when the boreholes were handed over – one of the officiating chiefs describing it in his speech as a ‘dream’ that they now had clean water.

It feels crass to write it – because clean, safe water should be accessible to all – but your gifts are making dreams come true. Will you help us expand the programme to improve the life chances of even more people?