Providing continuous support
for the children of Malawi

Promoting the social economic and education of orphans

Many people ask me about my motivation in establishing this charity.

My response is that it was borne out of the humbling experience of a few days spent with the orphaned children of Malawi.

When Pastor Michael Thomas invited me to a see a rural village community near his home on a 3 day visit in 2000, I witnessed the true happiness of children playing. Many had no parents, homes, food, medical care, education and most were the main carers of their siblings and head of their households, despite being aged nine and younger. Some were also suffering from HIV/AIDS.

The pain and emotional turmoil this small group of children must have endured at such an early age is enough to fill some of our lifetimes, yet they had happy smiles on their faces. I was and have been inspired by the sights and sounds of those few days ever since.

It is my sincere hope that the work carried out through this foundation will enable the orphans of Malawi to live like children once again

Emlyn John
Co-founder of the John C Thomas Children’s Foundation

Our Story


The John C Thomas (JCT) Children’s Foundation is a local non-governmental organisation charity, registered under the trustees incorporation act in Malawi.

Our Vision

The main objective of the JCT Children’s foundation is to promote the social economic and education status of orphans, vulnerable children and those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS within the rural communities of Malawi.

Our Aims

To become more involved with researching specific HIV/AIDS related projects.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who continues to support the JCT Children’s Foundation by donating on a monthly or one off basis, along with those who have supported the foundation through various fundraising events.