October – 2015

This is the continuation of on-going program of growth monitoring done by JCT supported by JCTUK and is one of activities carried out every month, throughout the year. Growth monitoring is one way of evaluating the health status of the children.  Children who are under weight for two to three months are referred to the nearby hospital for further treatment.  This activity has provided proof that 80% of the children saved by the JCT are free from malnourished diseases.  For children who are affected by HIV AIDS, their lives have been significantly improved. JCT has collaborated with Ministry of Health to train more caregivers in growth monitoring.

Below are some of the pictures captured during the growth monitoring day in September and October.

A child is being weight at one of the center in Mangochi during the growth monitoring week. We compare the weight from last month and this month, to the difference if she is gaining weight or not. These activities are done in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje

This is a height bold helps us to have good comparison of height between the first month and the following month end

This is Mutu CBCC which is the main center of JCT in Lilongwe where also growth monitoring is taking place.

Kitchen Utensil and Food Items for Feeding Program
With funding from JCTUK, JCT has managed to address the challenge of shortage of the utensils in other centers by buying several items such as:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Buckets
  • Basins
  • Big pots

These activities took place in Lilongwe centers and only 6 centers were benefited from this activity.

Below are some of the pictures captured during the distribution period in relation to the school feeding program in Lilongwe district only:

Distributed at JCT head office in Lilongwe to the following beneficiaries in T/A Mtema, these are; Kholongo, Pheleni, Mzumazi, Msankhanya, Mvungo and Kambulire

CBCC Management committees are receiving kitchen utensils and Sugar in Lilongwe

Feeding Program

The feeding program has motivated the communities to encourage the children to attend the Early Childhood development classes. These programs have encouraged to end discrimination between the orphans and other surrounding children in the community.

The program has united the children such that they eat, play together and partake inactivities without discrimination of their status. The healthy status of the children has also improved, even for those who are infected by HIV /AIDS.

Below are some of the pictures captured in relation to the school feeding program in Lilongwe district only:

Children are eating porridge at one of the center in Lilongwe with the funding from JCTUK