November – 2015

Education Program

In education JCT center has got primary education department with a number of 789 pupils enrolled in Lilongwe, selected from the Early Child Developments.  There were 9 pupils selected for secondary school out of 21, 5 are girls and 4 are boys. This has been our great success and achievement of JCT, as one of our objective of improving the education status of the children, our children are able to communicate in English and also there are so intelligent because their education started from grassroots.

And the government of Malawi has also participated by providing 19 teachers paid by the government only to facilitate the education to the children at JCT center.

On community participation, the communities do participate in all the activities by:

  1. Giving out firewood
  2. Volunteering themselves to cook for their children
  3. Forming committees such as, Management committee, Parent committee, caregiver’s committee, health and hygiene committee

Achievements for 2015

Through our various interventions highlighted above, JCT has registered the following success stories:

Distributed 360 bags of flour to various CBCCs in Mangochi and Lilongwe. This in turn, motivated more children to join these centers. In some centers, the enrolment rate has doubled and absenteeism has been curbed.

We have managed to build the capacity of Caregivers in discharging their duties through the training that JCT Malawi organized. 300 Caregivers were trained during this intervention.

We have facilitated setting up of Early Childhood Development (ECD) committees that are working hand in hand with chiefs, VDCs and School Management Committees in promoting early childhood interventions.

We have witnessed over one thousand children ages 5-6 graduating from nursery to primary schools. These learners have graduated from Mangochi, Nsanje and Lilongwe centers.

Lilongwe T/A Mtema 393
T/A Chitukula 201
T/A Kabudula 114
T/A Mbang’omb 94
Mangochi T/A Namkumba 314
Nsanje T/A Tengani 102

Health standards for the vulnerable children have tremendously improved, due to the feeding program with support from JCTUK.


Some children leave classes and opt to indulge themselves in piece works of moulding bricks when food is unavailable or is inadequate in our centers.

Transport challenges due to lack of a truck

Some children leave classes and opt for dumping sites to scavenge when food is unavailable or is inadequate in our centers.

Lack of shelters for preparing meals for the children in some centers and unfavourable conditions for learning

Unfavourable conditions for learning especially in these rainy season and these centers need urgent help of plastic papers to thatch the shelters.  Shacks like these offer un-conducive environment for learning.  Children are not fully protected from wind, sun and rains.

Inadequate sporting materials


  • Build feeding shelters & resource center
  • Supplying adequate food in time
  • Provide more football kits and first aid materials
  • Introduce vocational skills
  • Procure 3-ton truck to ease transport problems
  • Build orphanage

NOTE:JCT is requesting for funds and gifts for Christmas Eve, our desire is to see these children celebrating and enjoying the Christmas party like other children in the community