May – 2016

Implementation areas

In this reporting period, JCT Foundation Malawi has implemented interventions in the following areas:

  • Mangochi, Nsanje and Mtema in Lilongwe district
Summary of programs/activities implemented during May – July
School feeding program

JCT would like to thank JCTUK for the feeding programme which we are implementing through your funding since 2000.  Looking at the number we started with, compared to the number we have now, we are glad to inform you that we have more than 8000 children in all our centers.

This shows JCTUK funding was not helping the same number, but actually increasing the number of beneficiaries in different communities where our centers are based. Not only the children, but also our organisation was able to be registered as a well-known organisation in supporting the orphans and vulnerable including the community members through your donations and funding.

Below are some of the pictures captured in relation for feeding program which will be distributed to our centers and other activities in selected CBCC in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje districts:

These are 180 bags of soya flour purchased for our centers in the month of May 2016

This the distribution exercise at the main center in Lilongwe T/A Mtema

Feeding program – May to July

From the funding JCT received from JCT UK to procure food items and it has managed to purchase 180 bags of soya flour to feed 2100 children for this quarter of May to July 2016.  The foundation has managed to distribute 60 bags to each of the remaining centers which had not benefitted from the first quarter such as Mtema in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje.

Malawi is experiencing a hunger situation in many areas, including at our center which is very much affected.  The quarterly funding donations from JCTUK have made a significant change to the communities we are supporting, especially with the children in our CBCCs.  JCT in conjunction with JCTUK is working hard to alleviate the suffering of the children from hunger and malnourishment.

During our implementation of feeding programmes, there were no cases of malnourished children or death recorded.  The food which has been distributed like soya flour, has helped many children in their health status and growth. We are looking forward to supporting them, not only with porridge, but with other items like; a three-ton truck, build a resource centers and computers if the funding were sufficient. These are goals to be achieved before the end of 2017.

Loading and transporting to Mangochi Nsanje

Children are eating porridge in Mangochi

Children are eating porridge in Nsanje