Lilongwe Primary School

Click image to enlargeThe John C Thomas Children’s Foundation first primary school, Mutu village, Lilongwe was handed over to the local village on 12th August, 2009.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Gender, Children and Community Welfare from the Malawi Government, Mrs Patricia Kariate. Also in attendance were Mr Charles Kalanda, District Education Commissioner of Lilongwe and representatives from the St Andreas Evangelical Assembly of God, Sao Paulo, Brazil, who fundraised and contributed generously to this particular build. Media coverage was carried out by Television Malawi, Malawi Broadcasting Radio Corporation and a private national company, Zodiac Radio.

Click image to enlargeMany children have to walk over 20 km each day, to attend the new school in Mutu village many of them under 8 years old.

Those who live close to the school in Mutu village, Lilongwe, have to walk 23 km for any medical care at the nearest clinic in Area 25. Our vision plans for education, vocational training and healthcare to be located together and once our initial mission to build four schools has been realised, our next step is to build a village and clinic close to each.

Click image to enlargeThe school acts as a focal point of many surrounding villages. We conduct morning classes for primary school education and afternoon vocational training classes for adults who support these children.

This is JCT foundations primary school where children are learning in class.  The picture below (top left) shows some children learning in class and are age between 8 – 10 years old.  This is a standard 4 class.  The teacher is employed by the Malawi Government and the JCT foundation school is a fully registered primary school, supported by the Malawi Government who have allocated a total of 19 qualified teachers from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

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