June – 2015

June, July, August has been very crucial months due to flooding impact. Malawi faced a looming hunger in 15 districts that included our impact areas like Mangochi, Nsanje and Lilongwe has not been spared.  One way of JCT addressing the problem was with funding from JCTUK, enabling procurement of food items to distribute to orphans and vulnerable children in Mangochi and Lilongwe through feeding program.

Distribution exercise from the center point to centers within Lilongwe which is the main focal point of distribution

Time to distribute and save lives: Children receiving porridge from caregivers during a class session

The community volunteers who works tirelessly support the JCT Programs in cooking and distribution of porridge to the children on a daily basis

Children from Mangochi eating the food prepared by the caregivers in the month of June

The feeding program has been one of the tools that reduced the malnutrition among the children from the ages 0 – 5 yrs. Our growth monitoring records indicate that 80% of children under this program, have been improved from malnutrition and we have no records of malnourishment.

Education program

In this reporting quarter, JCT continued with its various education programs and activities. Among other things, it has been running CBCCs in Lilongwe, Chitipa, Nsanje and Mangochi. It has been operating a nursery/primary school in Lilongwe and other aforementioned districts.

A standard 4 class at JCT School in Lilongwe.  Through the partnership with Malawi Government, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has allocated 19 qualified primary school teachers to help teach at the school. One of these teachers is captured in front of the class.

Apart from food distribution, children engaged themselves with other activities like football, dances and many more. In these centers, caregivers have been playing a greater role in taking care of the children. They are being supported by local leaders, early childhood committees, mother groups and community members among other stakeholders. Below are some of the pictures.

Time to play: a caregiver is captured drilling the children during a playing session in one of the early childhood centers in Lilongwe. Such sessions are crucial as they promote participation, interaction and alertness of the children.

These are our learning materials: Children displaying learning materials which they received with support from JCTUK