Happy Birthday JCT!

JCT’s feeding-programme-supported Early Childhood Development projects have become well-established over the 19 years since their inception. Working closely with Government agencies, Village Development, and School Management Committees, the programmes now support over 8,000 children, to offer enhanced life-chances and educational opportunities for the very youngest and most vulnerable in their communities.

Over the last three months, the foundation has trained a further 300 volunteer caregivers, to meet demand for the expanding programme from within the communities in which it works – in Mangochi and Lilongwe, the enrolment rate has doubled, and absenteeism curbed, simply because children are being fed.

JCT’s story is one of hope and vision, against a backdrop of ultra-poverty. Within the daily struggle, it is a testimony to a co-ordinated approach to helping communities help themselves. In a country where, for us, a relatively little can go a long way, it has been our privilege to watch the work grow and prosper.

But more is always needed. Will you help?