Future Projects

Elimination of Child Labour on Tobacco Farms

The JCT Foundation is trying to help with the elimination of child labour on tobacco farms.

Tobacco is Malawi’s top export to US clients such as US-based leaf buyers, Universal Corporation and Alliance One International, which resell it to international tobacco firms. Their main clients are two of the world’s biggest cigarette manufacturers, Philip Morris (Marlboro) and British American Tobacco (Lucky Strike).

Due to Malawi’s poor economic situation, child workers as young as five are being exposed to the toxic dangers of tobacco harvesting, forced into labour in order to provide food for their families.

Many of Malawi’s estimated 80,000 child tobacco workers suffer from a disease called green tobacco sickness, or nicotine poisoning. Symptoms include severe headaches, abdominal cramps, muscle weakness, breathing difficulties, diarrhoea and vomiting, high blood pressure and fluctuations in heart rate, according to the World Health Organisation.

Vita Meal Producers and Distribution

The JCT Foundation is looking to establish closer links with global Vita Meal producers in order to distribute greater numbers to the children of all ages across all four districts on a weekly basis.

Irrigation Farming

Approximately 90% of the people that we cater for at the foundation live in rural areas. Projects developing new agricultural techniques are the key to improving these communities’ livelihood. The use of motorized pumps for irrigation farming for example allows an all year round farming cycle of increased volume and variety – and the consequent trading leads to sustainability.

Resource Centres

We plan to build Resource Centres in the three districts where children can learn different skills including vehicle repair, tailoring and animal husbandry.