Food creates an appetite for learning

Early years education is a rarity in large swathes of rural Malawi, many children working in the tobacco fields from the age of 5, and not starting school until they are 10. By this age, it is too late, and their prospects are bleak.

With the support of the Ministries of Education, and Health, as well as the local communities themselves, JCT is changing this, in large part, thanks to its feeding programme. Their Early Childhood Development Centres are offering children, from the age of two, a solid foundation from which to move on to Primary School. Once enrolled, there is zero absenteeism – the promise of porridge being enough to create an appetite for learning.

Children who have benefitted from the ECD programme go on to perform well at Primary School, producing young people who are able to read, write, and speak English, crucial in giving them positive options for a brighter, self-sustaining future.

Just 20 people, committing £20 per month, buys enough sugar, salt, and soya flour to make the porridge to feed every child currently attending a JCT CDC. Will you set up a £20 direct debit, today?