February – 2016

Continuation of our daily activities from January.  Below are the children of Khuzumba eating their share of soya porridge and even the chiefs of the community are appreciating the work JCTUK are doing, by helping feed the children in the communities. Below are one of the beneficiary centers enjoying the donation.

This program of feeding and learning has helped to sharpen the children mentally and psychologically, for them to attain the higher level of education like primary /secondary school and some of the children selected to secondary school are from the same CBCCs.

In our case studies, the records are showing that 90% of our students from JCT are scoring with good grades. We are recommending that children who go through ECD Centers are good future leaders of the nation. And we encourage JCT to continue with the programs of feeding through the support of JCTUK.

These are the children of Khuzumba eating their porridge at break time

Children at Nakumba center eating their porridge in Lilongwe

Children are receiving fruit juice as supplement during break time at JCT main center.