February – 2015

With funding from JCTUK, a second round of distribution to the centers was made in Lilongwe.  Below, people from the management committees for CBCCs are allocating their portions to feed the children at the satellites centers at Kabudula, Chitukula and Mtema, where JCT is working across the Lilongwe district.

Children ready for their afternoon meal at the new block and kitchen in the JCT main Centre in Lilongwe.

A fully trained and qualified caregiver distributing food to 433 children at Chitukula centre in Lilongwe.

The woman below is one of the caregivers preparing food for the children to eat at Traditional Authority Kabudula, Khuzumba Center. This Center is one of the projects JCT would like to develop during 2015/2016 with funding. As you can see, there are no facilities at this site and cooking cooking has to take place in the open, rather than in a kitchen area.

Children receiving food distributed by caregivers and some are eating together at Traditional Authority Kabudula center.