Current Projects

Action Aid Project – Mtema, Chitukula and Kabudula

Ongoing development and monitoring of the Action Aid Project conducted between January-March, 2014 in the Mtema, Chitukula and Kabudula in Lilongwe districts.

The project focused on training women living with HIV/AIDS in village savings and loan methodology. We are looking to expand this project into other districts during 2016-2017.

Maintenance of Water Boreholes

The sustained education and health care, that the foundation is trying to provide to the communities, relies heavily on easy access to a clean source of piped water. The foundation has developed and completed three water boreholes in Mtema, Chitukula and Kabudula, to stop children dying of cholera by drinking contaminated water from streams and pools.

These boreholes have reduced the incidences of water borne diseases. This has been shown by reports and records at the Kabudula Health Center.

Drilling and developing boreholes is the most efficient and economical way to provide clean water to the four districts as rainfall in the dry season is not sufficient to provide for local needs.

Growth monitoring and de-worming

Continuous support and training for caregivers from all 21 Lilongwe centers who are involved in growth monitoring and de-worming.

CBCC Activities

Activities that take place at the three CBCC’s include:

  • awareness of hygiene and sanitation meetings for caregivers committees and parents
  • open days for parents and local leaders and all community members
  • growth monitoring and nutritional assessment targeting the children attending the CBCC
  • training teachers, committee and mother group members on child performance and retention
  • monitoring of transition of learners from CBCC to primary school
  • conducting actual tracking of children who have graduated from CBCC throughout primary school