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Highlighted below are key program activities conducted, achievements registered, challenges, recommendations and future plans.

Major activities that have been implemented in the reporting period, include the following:  early childhood and primary education, school feeding.

Key Program outputs

  • Improved access to early childhood education for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Improved nutrition amongst children attending early childhood education
  • Improved capacity and collaboration between Caregivers, Village Development Committees (VDCs), Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA) as well as Mother Groups

Implementation areas
In this reporting period, JCT has implemented interventions in the following areas:

  • Chitukula, Kabudula and M’bang’ombe in Lilongwe district

Program partners/stakeholders
The table below illustrates key program partners/stakeholders and further depicts their roles and responsibilities

Implementing partner/Stakeholder


Village Development Committee (VDC)

Facilitate formulation of Community Early Childhood committees

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)

Planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating education standards at the local institutional level

Mother group

Looking at the welfare of the children and providing mentorship to the learners

Traditional leaders (Chiefs

Spearheading and facilitating formulation of by-laws aimed at forcing children to go to school

Community members

Help in fetching firewood for use in feeding programs
Encouraging children to register in early childhood learning

Summary of programs/activities implemented during January - April

School feeding program

JCT sustained feeding program in this reporting quarter. 100 bags of flour were distributed to Community Based Care Centers (CBCCSs) in Lilongwe district. This flour was used prepare porridge for learners in selected nursery schools, as a way of improving their nutrition/health standards and motivate them to attend and enrol.

Feeding Program
JCT received funding from JCTUK to procure food items and it has managed to purchase 120 bags of soya flour to feed 1400 children this first quarter of 2016. The reduction has been made due to hike of commodities and transportation because of inflation which Malawi is experiencing; for example, one bag of 50kg soya flour which was costing us MK 6000 now the same bag is costing us MK 10,000.00 (10.05 pounds). Despite this, the foundation has managed to feed 1400 children from the following selected centers who did not have their share last quarter of 2015 like; Khuzumba CBCC, Namkumba CBCC, Kholongo CBCC and Msankhanya CBCC.

JCT is working hard to sensitise the community to have communal gardens, where they can grow soya beans and maize seeds in order for them to have food to assist JCT to feed the children where the need arise.

The school feeding program and other activities in selected CBCC in Lilongwe

Children are receiving porridge at break time after learning at Namkumba

These are some of activities done by the children. Children are playing on the seesaw and the swing on locally made

Children are dancing as an activity and they are learning physical education

Continuation of our daily activities from January.  Below are the children of Khuzumba eating their share of soya porridge and even the chiefs of the community are appreciating the work JCTUK are doing, by helping feed the children in the communities. Below are one of the beneficiary centers enjoying the donation.

This program of feeding and learning has helped to sharpen the children mentally and psychologically, for them to attain the higher level of education like primary /secondary school and some of the children selected to secondary school are from the same CBCCs.

In our case studies, the records are showing that 90% of our students from JCT are scoring with good grades. We are recommending that children who go through ECD Centers are good future leaders of the nation. And we encourage JCT to continue with the programs of feeding through the support of JCTUK.

These are the children of Khuzumba eating their porridge at break time

Children at Nakumba center eating their porridge in Lilongwe

Children are receiving fruit juice as supplement during break time at JCT main center.


Children are washing their hands preparing to receive Porridge. These are the children from Phereni CBCC in Lilongwe.

Children are learning in classroom as usual first thing in the morning before eating porridge at Kholongo CBCC in Lilongwe

JCT received a disaster and shock when heavy wind took off one of the new shelter roofs, which was accommodating 500 children at the center.  The damage made the foundation desperate for looking at ways and means of renovating it and we are asking for assistance to help us in kind by sending us volunteers, builders and carpenters or funding that will help us so much of the maintenance needed on the shelter.

Below is the photo capturing the damaged shelter.

On community participation, the communities do participate in all the activities by:

  1. Giving out firewood
  2. Volunteering themselves to cook for their children
  3. Forming committees such as, Management committee, Parent committee, caregiver’s committee, health and hygiene committee

May – July

Implementation areas
In this reporting period, JCT Foundation Malawi has implemented interventions in the following areas:

  • Mangochi, Nsanje and Mtema in Lilongwe district

Summary of programs/activities implemented during May – July

School feeding program
JCT would like to thank JCTUK for the feeding programme which we are implementing through your funding since 2000.  Looking at the number we started with, compared to the number we have now, we are glad to inform you that we have more than 8000 children in all our centers.

This shows JCTUK funding was not helping the same number, but actually increasing the number of beneficiaries in different communities where our centers are based. Not only the children, but also our organisation was able to be registered as a well-known organisation in supporting the orphans and vulnerable including the community members through your donations and funding.

Below are some of the pictures captured in relation for feeding program which will be distributed to our centers and other activities in selected CBCC in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje districts:

These are 180 bags of soya flour purchased for our centers in the month of May 2016

This the distribution exercise at the main center in Lilongwe T/A Mtema


Feeding program - May to July
From the funding JCT received from JCT UK to procure food items and it has managed to purchase 180 bags of soya flour to feed 2100 children for this quarter of May to July 2016.  The foundation has managed to distribute 60 bags to each of the remaining centers which had not benefitted from the first quarter such as Mtema in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje.

Malawi is experiencing a hunger situation in many areas, including at our center which is very much affected.  The quarterly funding donations from JCTUK have made a significant change to the communities we are supporting, especially with the children in our CBCCs.  JCT in conjunction with JCTUK is working hard to alleviate the suffering of the children from hunger and malnourishment.

During our implementation of feeding programmes, there were no cases of malnourished children or death recorded.  The food which has been distributed like soya flour, has helped many children in their health status and growth. We are looking forward to supporting them, not only with porridge, but with other items like; a three-ton truck, build a resource centers and computers if the funding were sufficient. These are goals to be achieved before the end of 2017.

Loading and transporting to Mangochi Nsanje

Children are eating porridge in Mangochi

Children are eating porridge in Nsanje

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