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The JCT organised a football and netball tournament comprising of 20 teams at the Lilongwe center.

The tournament was for boys and girls aged under 17. It was set up with the intention of having fun during the Christmas holiday and it ended in January 2015.

The Prestbury Phantoms in Cheltenham, England kindly donated a full football kit to JCT. Below are some of the children posing in their new outfits and appreciating for the very kind gesture.

The JCT boys’ football team are playing against a team winning 4-1, but getting knocked out eventually in the semi-final.

Below are girls playing for the Lilongwe net ball trophy sponsored by JCT.

January and February - Severe Flooding
Over 600 JCT beneficiary households were affected during the recent floods. The total number of individuals was over 2500. Their crops were washed away, some households were rendered homeless and roads impassable. In Nsanje, some people including children either died in the disaster or were displaced.

A JCT shelter and kitchen washed away by the floods in Mangochi, together with many houses across the area.

Procurement of assorted items such as vita meal, clothes, blankets, soap, cooking oil, beans, maize and sugar were made with funding from JCTUK. The hired truck shows the items purchased beginning the journey for distribution to the two centers, which were affected so severely by the floods.

The biggest challenge JCT are facing is the transportation for items to the centers and therefore desperately need their own 3 ton truck.

With funding from JCTUK, a second round of distribution to the centers was made in Lilongwe.  Below, people from the management committees for CBCCs are allocating their portions to feed the children at the satellites centers at Kabudula, Chitukula and Mtema, where JCT is working across the Lilongwe district.

Children ready for their afternoon meal at the new block and kitchen in the JCT main Centre in Lilongwe.

A fully trained and qualified caregiver distributing food to 433 children at Chitukula centre in Lilongwe.

The woman below is one of the caregivers preparing food for the children to eat at Traditional Authority Kabudula, Khuzumba Center. This Center is one of the projects JCT would like to develop during 2015/2016 with funding. As you can see, there are no facilities at this site and cooking cooking has to take place in the open, rather than in a kitchen area.

Children receiving food distributed by caregivers and some are eating together at Traditional Authority Kabudula center.

Third round distribution of food items in Lilongwe. Below are members of the management committees who are involved in supervising the caregivers and flour portions for daily feeding of the children at their centers.

Children playing with toys at Traditional Kabudula in Lilongwe. This is one of the skills the caregivers learnt from their training, to make handmade toys.

These are some of the traditional dances by the children with their caregiver guiding them how to perform the dances at Traditional Authority Chitukula in Lilongwe.

A winning team during the tournament which JCT had and it is from Traditional Authority Mtema at Mzumazi center. This initiative is bringing an excitement to the youth within the JCT family. They are growing up under the supervision of JCT.

It is imperative that we are able to support more sporting activities with equipment donations, so that the children are have enjoyment and remain physically healthy.

A caregiver volunteer playing touch with children in Mangochi.

Children playing while they wait for their meal after morning classes in Nsanje.

March – August
Highlighted below are key program activities conducted, achievements registered, challenges, recommendations and future plans.

Major activities that have been implemented in the reporting period include the following:  Bring a child to school campaign, early childhood and primary education, school feeding and training of caregivers.

Key program outputs

  • Improved access to early childhood education for orphans and vulnerable children
  • Improved nutrition amongst children attending early childhood education
  • Improved capacity and collaboration between Caregivers, Village Development Committees (VDCs), Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA), as well as Mother Groups

Implementation areas
In this reporting period, JCT has implemented interventions in the following areas:

  • Namkumba in Mangochi district
  • Chitukula, Kabudula and M’bang’ombe in Lilongwe district
  • Pengani in Nsanje district

Program partners/stakeholders
The table below illustrates key program partners/stakeholders and further depicts their roles and responsibilities.

Implementing partner/Stakeholder


Village Development Committee (VDC)

Facilitate formulation of Community Early Childhood committees

Parents and Teachers Association (PTA)

Planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating education standards at the local institutional level

Mother group

Looking at the welfare of the children and providing mentorship to the learners

Traditional leaders (Chiefs

Spearheading and facilitating formulation of by-laws aimed at forcing children to go to school

Community members

Help in fetching firewood for use in feeding programs
Encouraging children to register in early childhood learning

District Social Welfare department

Build the capacity of caregivers
Certifying community based care centers (CBCC)s

Summary of programs/activities implemented during March – August

School feeding program
JCT sustained school feeding program in this reporting quarter. 360 bags of flour were distributed to Community Based Care Centers (CBCCSs) in Lilongwe and Mangochi districts. This flour was used to prepare porridge for learners in selected primary and nursery schools, as a way of improving their nutrition/health standards and motivate them to attend and enrol in school.

Last distribution done to round up the quarter and the program has been successful. The food was distributed to the various centers of Lilongwe.  Although it was a continuation program from the month of January to March, Lilongwe benefited from the food procured by JCT, with funding from JCTUK.

As on-going program on feeding, most of the children registered under the foundation are HIV positive from mother to child.  Feeding programs have improved health status since the porridge is rich in notoriousness, such that their immune system has been boosted and during this month the percentage of food average is very low.  

JCT foundation under feeding program has managed to reach 5000 children - the feeding program has improved the health status of children tremendously, despite the flood challenges.

Members of the management committee in Lilongwe, upon receiving food stuffs for distribution to caregivers in various schools in support of school feeding program

Caregivers preparing porridge for the school feeding program in Lilongwe. Caregivers prepare meals in open spaces which become a challenge specifically during rainy seasons and windy periods

Children are enjoying their porridge in T/A Kabudula in Lilongwe

June, July, August has been very crucial months due to flooding impact. Malawi faced a looming hunger in 15 districts that included our impact areas like Mangochi, Nsanje and Lilongwe has not been spared.  One way of JCT addressing the problem was with funding from JCTUK, enabling procurement of food items to distribute to orphans and vulnerable children in Mangochi and Lilongwe through feeding program.

Distribution exercise from the center point to centers within Lilongwe which is the main focal point of distribution

Time to distribute and save lives: Children receiving porridge from caregivers during a class session

The community volunteers who works tirelessly support the JCT Programs in cooking and distribution of porridge to the children on a daily basis

Children from Mangochi eating the food prepared by the caregivers in the month of June

The feeding program has been one of the tools that reduced the malnutrition among the children from the ages 0 – 5 yrs. Our growth monitoring records indicate that 80% of children under this program, have been improved from malnutrition and we have no records of malnourishment.

Education program
In this reporting quarter, JCT continued with its various education programs and activities. Among other things, it has been running CBCCs in Lilongwe, Chitipa, Nsanje and Mangochi. It has been operating a nursery/primary school in Lilongwe and other aforementioned districts.

A standard 4 class at JCT School in Lilongwe.  Through the partnership with Malawi Government, the Ministry of Education Science and Technology has allocated 19 qualified primary school teachers to help teach at the school. One of these teachers is captured in front of the class.

Apart from food distribution, children engaged themselves with other activities like football, dances and many more. In these centers, caregivers have been playing a greater role in taking care of the children. They are being supported by local leaders, early childhood committees, mother groups and community members among other stakeholders. Below are some of the pictures.

Time to play: a caregiver is captured drilling the children during a playing session in one of the early childhood centers in Lilongwe. Such sessions are crucial as they promote participation, interaction and alertness of the children.

These are our learning materials: Children displaying learning materials which they received with support from JCTUK

Bring a child to school awareness campaigns

In a quest to ensure that children are enrolled and kept in school, JCT conducted a series of awareness campaigns termed “bring a child to school” targeting parents and guardians. The campaigns were an initiative to highlight the significance of educating a child, while ensuring that their right to education has been achieved.

The awareness campaigns were effective. Hundreds of community members patronized the campaigns. It involved traditional dances and speeches. The campaigns have contributed to the enrolment rates.

The awareness campaigns mostly used GulewaMkulu dancers as crowd pullers to the event.

Sporting/outdoor events
JCT organised sports bonanza in the area of T/A Kabudula in Lilongwe. The aim was to enhance interaction amongst the JCT family and contribute towards building a healthier generation.

The sporting event generating more excitement among the young people and they are appealing to JCTUK for more sporting equipment and trophies

Enjoying out door games; Children from JCT take time to socialize in some traditional dances and games under the guidance of their caregivers

Training of Caregivers
JCT conducted a fundraising campaign with an aim of raising funds to train caregivers in Lilongwe. 300 caregivers were trained.

We have managed to build the capacity of caregivers in discharging their duties through the training that JCT organised. 300 Caregivers were trained during this intervention

We have facilitated the sett up of Early Childhood Development (ECD) committees who are working hand in hand with chiefs, VDCs and School Management Committees, in promoting early childhood interventions.

October – December
This is the continuation of on-going program of growth monitoring done by JCT supported by JCTUK and is one of activities carried out every month, throughout the year. Growth monitoring is one way of evaluating the health status of the children.  Children who are under weight for two to three months are referred to the nearby hospital for further treatment.  This activity has provided proof that 80% of the children saved by the JCT are free from malnourished diseases.  For children who are affected by HIV AIDS, their lives have been significantly improved. JCT has collaborated with Ministry of Health to train more caregivers in growth monitoring.

Below are some of the pictures captured during the growth monitoring day in September and October.

A child is being weight at one of the center in Mangochi during the growth monitoring week. We compare the weight from last month and this month, to the difference if she is gaining weight or not. These activities are done in Lilongwe, Mangochi and Nsanje

This is a height bold helps us to have good comparison of height between the first month and the following month end

This is Mutu CBCC which is the main center of JCT in Lilongwe where also growth monitoring is taking place.

Kitchen Utensil and Food Items for Feeding Program
With funding from JCTUK, JCT has managed to address the challenge of shortage of the utensils in other centers by buying several items such as:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Buckets
  • Basins
  • Big pots

These activities took place in Lilongwe centers and only 6 centers were benefited from this activity.

Below are some of the pictures captured during the distribution period in relation to the school feeding program in Lilongwe district only:

Distributed at JCT head office in Lilongwe to the following beneficiaries in T/A Mtema, these are; Kholongo, Pheleni, Mzumazi, Msankhanya, Mvungo and Kambulire

CBCC Management committees are receiving kitchen utensils and Sugar in Lilongwe

October to December

Feeding Program
The feeding program has motivated the communities to encourage the children to attend the Early Childhood development classes. These programs have encouraged to end discrimination between the orphans and other surrounding children in the community.

The program has united the children such that they eat, play together and partake inactivities without discrimination of their status. The healthy status of the children has also improved, even for those who are infected by HIV /AIDS.

Below are some of the pictures captured in relation to the school feeding program in Lilongwe district only:

Children are eating porridge at one of the center in Lilongwe with the funding from JCTUK


Education Program
In education JCT center has got primary education department with a number of 789 pupils enrolled in Lilongwe, selected from the Early Child Developments.  There were 9 pupils selected for secondary school out of 21, 5 are girls and 4 are boys. This has been our great success and achievement of JCT, as one of our objective of improving the education status of the children, our children are able to communicate in English and also there are so intelligent because their education started from grassroots.

And the government of Malawi has also participated by providing 19 teachers paid by the government only to facilitate the education to the children at JCT center.

On community participation, the communities do participate in all the activities by:

  1. Giving out firewood
  2. Volunteering themselves to cook for their children
  3. Forming committees such as, Management committee, Parent committee, caregiver’s committee, health and hygiene committee

Achievements for 2015
Through our various interventions highlighted above, JCT has registered the following success stories:

Distributed 360 bags of flour to various CBCCs in Mangochi and Lilongwe. This in turn, motivated more children to join these centers. In some centers, the enrolment rate has doubled and absenteeism has been curbed.

We have managed to build the capacity of Caregivers in discharging their duties through the training that JCT Malawi organized. 300 Caregivers were trained during this intervention.

We have facilitated setting up of Early Childhood Development (ECD) committees that are working hand in hand with chiefs, VDCs and School Management Committees in promoting early childhood interventions.

We have witnessed over one thousand children ages 5-6 graduating from nursery to primary schools. These learners have graduated from Mangochi, Nsanje and Lilongwe centers.


Lilongwe  T/A Mtema  393
  T/A Chitukula 201
  T/A Kabudula 114
  T/A Mbang’omb 94
Mangochi T/A Namkumba  314
Nsanje T/A Tengani 102

Health standards for the vulnerable children have tremendously improved, due to the feeding program with support from JCTUK.

Some children leave classes and opt to indulge themselves in piece works of moulding bricks when food is unavailable or is inadequate in our centers.

Transport challenges due to lack of a truck

Some children leave classes and opt for dumping sites to scavenge when food is unavailable or is inadequate in our centers.

Lack of shelters for preparing meals for the children in some centers and unfavourable conditions for learning

Unfavourable conditions for learning especially in these rainy season and these centers need urgent help of plastic papers to thatch the shelters.  Shacks like these offer un-conducive environment for learning.  Children are not fully protected from wind, sun and rains.

Inadequate sporting materials


  • Build feeding shelters & resource center
  • Supplying adequate food in time
  • Provide more football kits and first aid materials
  • Introduce vocational skills
  • Procure 3-ton truck to ease transport problems
  • Build orphanage

NOTE:       JCT is requesting for funds and gifts for Christmas Eve, our desire is to see these children celebrating and enjoying the Christmas party like other children in the community

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